LGBTQ people with disabilities have long been invisible. But Funkisprojektet will change that.

The project’s focus is norm critical trainings and social meeting spaces for LGBTQ people at daily activities or who live in group homes. An important part are the LGBTQ hangouts – meeting spaces that came about after the project’s reference group asked for a context where they could meet and talk to others with the similar situation.

– It’s important to meet others with the same situation as yourself, says Kristina Ullgren, project leader at Funkisprojektet, and goes on:
– We know from the daily activities and group homes that this is an issue that isn’t addressed. People with disabilities aren’t seen as people with a sexuality or gender identity.

Download the full report below.

RFSL Yearly Report 2016 (pdf, 3,1 mb, will open in a new window)