Basic LGBT Facts

It is vital that all human beings feel like they have a home—to feel kinship with others and a sense of belonging to a society. This is even more important when you belong to a marginalized minority or subculture.

We are living in exciting times. The dominant heteronormative perspective that pervades society has recently been called into question. Laws are being enacted that make who we chose to live our lives with irrelevant. In some parts of society, it is no longer taken as a given that everyone is heterosexual and LGBT groups have become a critical driving force.

However, we still live in a society that holds heterosexuality as the norm, where many of us are not valued for who we really are. To achieve equality in all facets of society, we have to fight for the rights of all groups at the same time. This demands hard work and engagement, and once we achieve our victories we must continue to defend them.

As long as there are people in society who are not deemed valuable citizens, the vision we have of a truly democratic society has not been reached.

Download Belonging, RFSL's fundamental booklet on LGBT persons (PDF 1.5 MB)