RFSL Congress – New Vision and Leadership


Today was the final day of the 2021 RFSL congress. The digital gathering has been ongoing during two intense weekends and has let to several important decisions – not least when it comes to the election of a new Board that is tasked with leading the organisation forward during the upcoming term of office.

During RFSL’s congress, important decisions were made regarding RFSL’s direction for the coming term of office, among other things through the adoption of a new vision and new goals for societal change.

The congress also decided upon a new code of conduct, ethical guidelines for qualified support persons within RFSL, and an updated whistleblower policy. 

Below is a summary of some of the key decisions that were made during congress 2021.

Vision, mission, and leading principles

The congress decided that RFSL’s vision should be: An equal world where all LGBTQI people’s human rights are respected and where nobody is left behind. Decisions about RFSL’s area of work and fundamental principles were also made  Read about the decision in full here (in Swedish).

Goals for societal change

The congress adopted goals for societal change 2021-2023. RFSL’s prioritised areas during the period will be:

  • Trans and intersex issues 
  • Asylum and migration
  • Family issues
  • Senior issues 
  • Protection of democracy

Among the new standpoints are:

  • That an investigation should be appointed to clarify how current legislation can be used to counteract attempts at conversion therapy and to investigate how attempts at conversion therapy can be criminalised in Sweden.
  • That, for example, neo-Nazi movements should not be given permission for public assembly if it threatens other democratic organisations and assemblies. 
  • That norms of masculinity, sexism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia in team sports should be actively counteracted by clubs and associations.

Lowering the voting age

The congress decided to approve a motion from RFSL Youth that RFSL should commit to lowering the voting age to 16 in general elections, and that it is an issue that RFSL should advocate politically.

New decision how to act in suspicion of a crime

During the congress, a new decision was made regarding measures taken in suspicion of a crime. As part of RFSL’s joint rules for volunteering, congress has, among other things, decided that a police report should be made in suspicion of a crime. If the victim is undocumented or an asylum seeker, they can remain anonymous in the police report.

New board


Trifa Shakely, newly elected (Stockholm)

Vice förbundsordförande

Peter Sidlund Ponkala, re-elected but newly elected to this post (Stockholm)


Michał Budryk, newly elected (Uppsala)


Pell-Uno Larsson, re-elected (Örebro)  
Fredrik Engström, newly elected (Gothenburg)  
Viktoria Nyström, newly elected (Stockholm)
Kalle Röcklinger, newly elected (Stockholm/Gotland)
Lea Larsson, newly elected (Stockholm)
Robin Nordh, re-elected but newly elected to this post (Gothenburg)
Pär Brubäcken, re-elected (Skellefteå)


Linda Westerlund Snecker, newly elected (Norrköping) 

Read more about the board here

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