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At this page you can find more information about RFSL's national Networks.

The network Proud Parents

In our society, heterosexuality and a biological approach to gender are norms. Parents, too, may need a coming-out process. In the network Proud Parents parents, grandparents or other people close to the family of young LGBTQI people meet to exchange experiences and gain knowledge about LGBTQI.

Proud Parents’ Facebook page

RFSL Senior

RFSL Senior

If you are 50+ you can join RFSL Senior (the membership network for issues relating to the elderly). Here, people over 50 can meet others or get involved in matters relating to the elderly within RFSL.

You are always welcome to call us at 0722058319 or e-mail us at senior@rfsl.se

RFSL Anti-Racism Network

RFSL’s anti-racism network is a separatist forum for RFSL members exposed to racism. The network works with competency-building; both for active members and as tips for the Association Board and National Office. The network is led by a member of the Association Board and a number of network members.

Mwanje Ivan Kigoonga: kigoonyamwanje@gmail.com
Elias Artur Fjellander: elias@uppsala.rfsl.se

RFSL Crip Rights Network

RFSL works in and is affected by, an inaccessible society where people can’t realise their disability rights. Disability right means that every person has the right to self-actualisation and full participation in all parts of society. It is based on human rights.

The Crip Rights Network is a network for LGBTQI-people with a norm-breaking functional variation and their allies to pursue disability rights in RFSL.

Convener of the network: Nicklas Axelsson
The Crip Rights Network’s Facebook group
Contact at the National Office

RFSL Newcomers

RFSL Newcomers is a network for refugees or newly arrived homosexual, bisexual, trans, queer or intersex people. Most groups meet one or more times a week and do activities together. It may be outings, Swedish lessons or going to Pride festivals. Newcomers have groups in different cities in Sweden.

You can contact the group nearest you or contact newcomers@rfsl.se and we can help you get in touch with a group. Read more at rfsl.se/medlem/asyl.