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Welcome to RFSL’s Facebook page/social media 

We read all comments in our commenting sections but we do not always have the time and resources to answer. If you would like to ask us a question, please send a DM or email us at forbund@rfsl.se and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. 

RFSL strives to maintain safe commenting sections and we continually manage all comments in accordance with the Swedish BBS Act. All of our commenting sections are monitored and moderated on a regular basis.

Commenting Rules

  • Discussions should be constructive and we ask people to remember to be decent to each other.
  • We do not allow comments containing derogatory generalisations. We remove such comments and report threats to the police.
  • We do not allow aggressive comments, personal attacks, insults, hate, threats, slander, or incitement to hatred in our commenting sections. Incitement to hatred can for example be derogatory comments based on a person or group’s real or perceived nationality, ethnicity, faith, or sexual orientation. 
  • Comments that infringe upon another person’s copyright or integrity are not allowed and may be reported to the police.
  • Comments that break the law (such as threats or incitement to hatred) will be reported to the police and deleted. 
  • Comments that break our commenting rules will be hidden. Accounts that do not follow our commenting rules risk being blocked from our page (this applies to both Facebook and Instagram). You are responsible for your own comments and for adhering to the rules.
  • Comments should stay on topic. If you have questions unrelated to the topic, we recommend you send us a DM or an email.

Commenting Rules vs. Freedom of Expression

Our commenting rules and moderation practices are not a restriction of freedom of expression. There are legal restrictions to freedom of expression and this means that you do not have an absolute right to express your opinions. In Sweden, these legal restrictions include, for example, threats and incitement to hatred. In addition, freedom of expression does not mean that everyone has the right to express their opinion at any given time or place, such as in RFSL’s channels. RFSL chooses to maintain safe commenting sections where everyone feels comfortable and welcome.