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Here you find some of the publications that RFSL Förbundet, RFSL Youth och RFSL Stockholm have issued over the past 15 years. Some can be downloaded and some can be ordered.


Anti-racism for activists

Authors: Carlos Diaz and Kristina Ullgren

Publisher: RFSL

Year: 2020

Theme: A material for activists in RFSL’s branches who want to work with anti-racist perspectives.

Content: Since 2018, RFSL is an anti-racist organization according to our statutes. In the same year, an anti-racist policy was developed for the entire organization. This places demands on all of us at RFSL to actively work inclusively with anti-racist perspectives. This material is for those of you who already have knowledge about anti-racism, but who want tips and tools to work with anti-racism practically in your RFSL department.

According to our statutes, RFSL has been an anti-racist organisation since 2018. In the same year, an anti-racist policy was developed for the entire organization . This requires everybody at RFSL to work actively with inclusion and anti-racist perspectives.

This material presupposes that you already have some knowledge about anti-racism and contains tips and tools for practical anti-racism work in your branch.


Break the Norm! Methods for studying norms in general and the heteronorm in particular (ordered from RFSL Youth)

Authors: Jorun Kugelberg (project leader), Ulrika Westerlund (project leader), Mika Nielsen

Publisher: Forum för levande historia and RFSL Youth

Year: 2009

Theme: The hetero norm

Contents: This is a material that focuses on norms rather than on the ones that break them. Issues regarding how power is maintained, what privileges come with following the norm, and what norms there are in ones own group are important. 

Briefly About Sex/Kort om sex (pdf, 2,4 mb, new window)

Authors: Sexperterna, RFSL

Publisher: Sexperterna and RFSL

Year: 2009

Theme: Safer sex for men who have sex with men.

Contents: Small folder about men who have sex with men. Available in five languages: Swedish, English, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.

We are the Sexperts (pdf, new window)

Author: Nicklas Dennermalm (red.)

Publisher: RFSL Stockholm

Year: 2009

Theme: HIV prevention on the Internet

Contents: The reason for making this handbook available in English is to inspire other organizations to work with health issues on the Internet.


Kuksugarskolan/The Art of cock-sucking (pdf, 474 kb, new window)

Author: RFSL Stockholm

Publisher: RFSL Stockholm

Year: 2008

Theme: Oral sex and safer sex

Contents: En liten broschyr om att suga kuk/ A small leaflet about cock-sucking.


Between Women (ordered from RFSL’s web shop)

Author: RFSL

Publisher: RFSL

Year: 2007

Theme: The sexual practises of women

Contents: Texts about women who have sex with women with the focus being lust for lust’s own sake. Women’s sexuality is too often linked to reproduction, and lust is obscured. The leaflet highlights a non-problematized, curious and positive view on women’s sexuality. In English.


Belonging (pdf, 1,6 mb, new window)

Author: RFSL

Publisher: RFSL

Year: 2004

Theme: Information material on RFSL

Contents: This is RFSL’s standard leaflet; a short description of LGBTQ facts, history, terminology and personal stories. In English.

Kondom! Basics om kondomer och glid. The basics on condoms and lubricant (pdf, 588 kb, new window)

Author: RFSL

Publisher: RFSL

Year: 2004

Theme: Condoms and lubricants

Contents: Leaflet in Swedish and English about condoms and lubricants.

Straight talk. Gays, lesbians and bisexuals at work (pdf, 320 kb, new window)

Authors: Gunnar Svensson (cooperation), Rickard Henley (red.)

Publisher: The book is the result of four projects that are part of EU’s Equal-program: the Dutch project ”Enabling safety for lesbigay teachers”, the two Swedish projects ”Homo- och bisexuella i omsorgen” (homo and bisexuals in health care) and ”Normgivande mångfald” (normative diversity), and the Finnish project ”Sexuella minoriteter och transpersoner i arbetslivet” (sexual minorities and trans individuals in the working life).

Year: 2004

Theme: Working environment and openness

Contents: The material contains advise on how you can make efforts to better the situation for homo and bisexuals in the workplace. There are also specific tips on how you as an employer, union representative or colleague can do. We all have the responsibility to improve our working environment. In English.

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Destination Queer. A folder about norms, RFSL Ungdom and the work towards a society free from discrimination

Author: RFSL Youth

Publisher: RFSL Youth

Theme: Queer

Contents: A folder in English on norms, RFSL Youth and the work for a society free from discrimination.