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The Board

The board is elected at the RFSL congress, which is held every two years.

Policy program

Here you find, in Swedish, the RFSL:s policy program, adopted at the RFSL congress in Gävle 2012.

RFSL branch bylaws

The branch bylaws was adopted by the RFSL congress May 11-13 2018. They apply to all the branches and shall apply to all the organisations joining…


RFSL has been working for LGBTQ individuals's rights for more than half a century. Below is an in-depth view on how RFSL became the internationally recognized…


The RFSL bylaws. They were last revised by the RFSL congress in Borås October 18-20 2019.

Antirasistisk handlingsplan 2021-2023

For RFSL, the term antiracism is – among other things – about preventing and opposing racism, to investigate how racism affects LGBTQI people and how racism affects LGBTQI people within the organisation and the community.

Code of Conduct

RFSL has a code of conduct which applies to all elected representatives, employees, volunteers and others who represent the organisation. Together we carry RFSL’s values and legitimacy, internally and externally.

Employer policy

All employers within RFSL work, among other things, for the organisation to have a secure operation and high quality, being an attractive workplace that attracts and develops the right competencies and takes responsibility for systematic work to ensure a good working environment where nobody is discriminated against.

Regler för volontär- verksamhet

Volunteers are the foundation of RFSL’s operation. These common rules aim to ensure that the volunteers are cared for in the best way, and to create conditions for a secure operation of high quality. Adopted by RFSL’s congress, October 2021.