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We want our office to be as accessible as possible for everyone. Please find important information about the premises and directions below.

Tillgänglighetspolicy RFSL (PDF, öppnas i nytt fönster)

Directions to the RFSL Office

RFSL’s National Office is called “Huset”, located at Sveavägen 59 in Stockholm city centre. The closest metro station is Rådmansgatan (Green line), exit Tegnérgatan.


Due to a number of staff members with allergies, please do not use perfumes and/or other scented products or bring any type of nuts with you when visiting the RFSL office. Thank you for your cooperation.  


When you arrive at Huset, please use the left door code. If you don´t have code, contact the person you are visiting. The office is on Levels Two and Three, and in order to reach the elevators you have to climb five steps or use the wheelchair lift. You need a code to use the wheelchair lift, so if you are responsible for a meeting or group, make sure you have the code (further details about the operating instructions below).

After the initial steps, there are two additional flights of stairs with about 20 steps each. If you need an elevator, there are two smaller-sized lifts in the building (wide 77 cm and depth 104 cm). In the RFSL office, there are three large, wheelchair accessible toilets.

Sign Language Interpretation

A sign language interpreter can facilitate events and members’ meetings at RFSL. To request interpretation, please contact the person responsible for the event via email, or e-mail us here.

Wheelchair Lift and Code

Use the code.

Operating buttons:
< (up)
> (down)
P (park, folds up the platform)

You must press the buttons to move the lift, and both bars must also be completely folded down for the lift to move.

If the wheelchair lift is parked (folded) at the bottom of the stairs and you want to go up:

Press > and wait for the the platform to fold down
Mount the wheelchair
Press <
Unload the wheelchair
Press P

If the wheelchair lift is parked (folded) at the top of the stairs and you want to go down:
Press >
Call the lift up: press <
Call the lift down: press >

Please park the wheelchair lift after you have used it.

Trapphiss och koder

Använd kod för trapphissen. Har du ingen kod, be om att få den av den du ska besöka.

Hissen kan köras i 3 minuter.

< (upp)

> (ner)

P (parkering, fäller upp plattformen).

Knapparna måste hållas intryckta för att hissen ska röra sig. Båda bommarna måste vara helt nedfällda för att hissen ska kunna köras.

Om hissen är parkerad (uppfälld) i sitt nedre läge och du vill åka upp:

tryck > plattformen fälls ner

kör upp rullstolen

tryck <

kör av rullstolen

tryck P

Om hissen är parkerad (uppfälld) i sitt övre läge och man vill åka ner: tryck <

Kalla upp hissen: tryck <

Kalla ner hissen: tryck >

Parkera hissen i det läge där du åkte av.