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Asylum and migrationRFSLPhoto: Eveline Johnsson

Are you an LGBTQ person who are seeking asylum, are newly arrived in Sweden or have had your asylum application refused? Welcome to Newcomers – the network for asylum seeking and newly arrived LGBTQ people.

Newcomers is RFSL’s national network for and with asylum seekers, undocumented and newly arrived LGBTQ people. It operates in the form of local groups in 17 different locations around Sweden. The network was created as a reaction to a need for activities, support and guidance, as many asylum seeking and newly arrived LGBTQ people feel that they neither get support nor information about their rights when arriving in Sweden. Today Newcomers is a support group as well as a social meeting space.

Our members come from all parts of the world and have often fled persecution in their native countries because of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Within the network you can learn Swedish, meet others with similar experiences and receive legal counselling. Newcomers also works with opinion forming and strives to influence legal and political decisions that concern asylum seeking LGBTQ people’s situation in Sweden.

Newcomers Stockholm meets every week. Would you like to attend one of our meetings?
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