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Sports for all bodies

RFSL, in collaboration with the Swedish Sports Confederation and specialist sports organisations, works for a trans-inclusive sports movement. The project focuses on policies, training and empowerment.

More sports ready

RFSL releases the report “Trans och idrott – ingen ska lämnas utanför”. The report examines and highlights trans trans people’s experiences within sports. 110 trans people have been interviewed, and many speak of high thresholds when it comes to participation.

What are sports?

Sports is Sweden’s biggest grassroots movement and 90 percent of all children and youth have at some point been members of a sports organisation.

Heroes that inspire

Author Aleksa Lundberg and photographer Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin have met with five heroes that will change our current time, our future and our relationship to sports.

A ground-breaking athlete

Lukas Svärd loves the endorphins he gets from competing. Follow the triathlete that makes history by being open about his trans experience and competing in one of Sweden’s toughest races.

Gender and exclusion

To a large extent, sports are gender divided through regulations, jargon, norms and locker rooms. That excludes trans people from doing sports.

Testosterone and doping

Many trans guys and non-binary people assigned female at birth take testosterone to change their body. This can be a problem in sports, as testosterone is a prohibited substance.

Policy recommendations

RFSL works for a policy for the inclusion of trans people in sports. RFSL already recommends that children up to 18 should be able to influence the terms for their own participation in sports.

Collecting and Using Personal Information

Concerns about sharing personal information can keep trans people from participating in sports. Personal information should only be obtained with the consent of the participant or, regarding children, with the parents’ consent.

Rörelse föder energi

Projektet Idrott för alla kroppar har en krönikör. Möt skejtaren Hannes som beskriver lust inför fysisk aktivitet och hur kroppen blir ett subjekt i idrottandet.