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Så arbetar RFSL med hälsa och hiv-prevention

RFSL has worked with issues about HIV and sexuality since the HIV epidemic started in Sweden, 1982. We work with a sexual positive HIV prevention that targets the groups that are most affected by HIV and sexually transmitted infections and to strengthen all LGBTQ people’s health.


HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that weakens the body’s immune system and was discovered around 1980. Today, most of the people who are HIV positive in Sweden have access to good and effective treatment, but HIV still cannot be cured.

Undetectable HIV Viral Load

Almost everyone who knows that they are living with HIV in Sweden today – 95 percent – have non-infectious HIV. That happens when you get treatment…

Test reminder from RFSL

For you who are a man who have sex with other men, and you who are trans identified, we offer the test reminder. It's a service…

HIV test at RFSL

RFSL offers rapid result HIV testing in some parts of Sweden for trans people and men who have sex with men. Checkpoint Skåne   RFSL Rådgivningen…


Många transpersoner behöver vård och behandling för att kroppen ska kunna stämma bättre överens med könsidentiteten.

HIV and Health Projects

RFSL's outreach work with HIV and health consists of the Sexperts' Chat, the Newly Arrived LGBTQ People's Health project, Testpoint, and various different workshops.

Donating Blood

Since the HIV epidemic began in Sweden, there have been certain rules for blood donation.



Hiv i smittskyddslagen

Informationsplikt är en av flera förhållningsregler som personer som lever med hiv måste följa enligt den gällande smittskyddslagen. Informationsplikten kräver att den som lever med hiv ska informera sina sexpartners om sin hiv. Läs här om RFSL:s syn på detta.


Through Funkisprojektet, RFSL wants to create better opportunities for LGBTQ people with disabilities and raise awareness about compulsory ableism.