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Commonly asked questions

RFSL gets a lot of questions about family and parenthood. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and the answers to them.

Legal parenthood

To be the legal parent to a child means that you are registered as the child's parent at the Swedish Tax Agency, i.e. registered as a parent in the population register. The rules for who becomes the legal parent to a child, and how, can seem difficult to understand and tricky. Here we have gathered…


Adoption means that one or two adults go through a legal process to become legal parents to a child they initially don't have a legal connection…

Parental allowance

If you are insured in Sweden you have the right to parental leave with compensation when you become a parent, it's called parents' allowance.

Home insemination

A common road to parenthood for LGBTQ people is assisted fertilization, i.e. insemination or IVF treatment. An insemination can be done at home or at a…


When meeting new rainbow families we have noticed that many LGBTQI people are having a tough first time. Life with a baby, lack of sleep and…

Feeding the baby

This is an introduction to nursing and bottle feeding for rainbow families. Here you’ll find links to more information and different kinds of support for people…

Foster/emergency foster home

About being a foster/emergency foster home, legal guardian, contact person or contact family for a child who, for different reasons, needs support or needs to be in a different environment for a period of time.

Pappa och hbtqi

Den här texten riktar sig till dig som är hbtqi-person och som vill bli eller är på väg att bli pappa. Här kan du läsa om…