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Home insemination

A common road to parenthood for LGBTQ people is assisted fertilization, i.e. insemination or IVF treatment. An insemination can be done at home or at a clinic. Here we have gathered information about how you can go about it and give tips about what to think about before a home insemination.

Commonly asked questions

RFSL gets a lot of questions about family and parenthood. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and the answers to them.

Legal parenthood

To be the legal parent to a child means that you are registered as the child's parent at the Swedish Tax Agency, i.e. registered as a…


En surrogatgraviditet - även kallat surrogatmödraskap eller värdmödraskap - innebär att en person genomgår en graviditet och föder ett barn åt någon annan/några andra.


Adoption means that one or two adults go through a legal process to become legal parents to a child they initially don't have a legal connection…

Foster/emergency foster home

About being a foster/emergency foster home, legal guardian, contact person or contact family for a child who, for different reasons, needs support or needs to be in a different environment for a period of time.

Parental allowance

If you are insured in Sweden you have the right to parental leave with compensation when you become a parent, it's called parents' allowance.


When meeting new rainbow families we have noticed that many LGBTQI people are having a tough first time. Life with a baby, lack of sleep and…