For LGBTQI people who are, or want to become, parents

Are you an LGBTQI person and are, or want to become, a parent or are interested in issues concerning parenthood? Do you want to read more about parenthood, family law and get tips for everyday life aimed specifically at LGBTQI people?

You will find current and fact-checked information on the page To be and become a parent.

If you are a healthcare provider within maternal healthcare you may also benefit greatly from this information. It will allow you to increase your knowledge about, and understanding of, LGBTQI people’s preconditions regarding conceiving and parenthood.

Much of this information could previously be found on the website which was developed within the project Barn av vår tid; a project run by RFSL Stockholm 2013-2017, financed by Arvsfonden.

The material has since been expanded and updated and transferred to, where it will remain and be continually updated.