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Here we have gathered useful links to organisations, networks and websites working with LGBTQI- and/or refugee issues. The list also contains links to websites that give away articles for free, provides tips about free events in Stockholm, and organisations that offer spiritual guidance to LGBTQI people.

Amnesty International Sverige

Amnesty works with asylum and migration issues. 
Telephone: 0771 – 266 37 89
Email: info@amnesty.se

Bort.nu (donation of articles)

A website where things are given away for free.

FARR, The Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups

FARR’s booklet Good Advice for Asylum Seekers in Sweden contains advice for LGBTQI refugees, as well as facts about the asylum process and the Migration Agency’s legal system. The booklet is available in Swedish, Arabic, Spanish, Farsi, Russian and English.
Telephone: 023-132 45, 0225-147 77

Gratis i Stockholm (free activities in Stockholm)

Gives tips about free events in Stockholm.

The No One Is Illegal Network

The No One is Illegal Network (Ingen människa är illegal) provides practical support to peolpe who are forced to live undocumented after having had their applications for asylum refused.
Telephone: 0707-33 61 07
Email: stockholm@ingenillegal.org

Matgruppen (the food group)

Telephone: 0761-55 27 34

KIM – Kön, identitet och mångfald (gender, identity and diversity)

Organisation for trans people, their friends and family. Organises social events for people who need support or inspiration in matters of gender identity and gender expression. See also KIM’s Facebook page.
Email: foreningenkim@gmail.com

Läkare i Världen (doctor’s of the world)

International humanitarian organisation promoting equal rights to healthcare. Provides urgent medical help to people in risk of dying because of war, catastrophes and epidemics or as an indirect result of Swedish legislation (deportation). Runs a clinic for undocumented refugees in Sweden.
Email: info@lakareivarlden.se

Ny i Stockholm (new in Stockholm)

A guide for newly arrived people living in the greater Stockholm area who need of information about Swedish society – how to find work and housing, what educational options there are, and where to turn if one has questions. Also gives tips about different activities in the greater Stockholm area!
Telephone: 08-508 35 443
Email: infosam@stockholm.se

The Red Cross (Röda Korset)

The world’s premier disaster management organisation working for a humane reception of refugees and good preconditions for integration. Based in Stockholm.
Telephone: 0709-40 67 23, 08-615 87 74
Email: info@redcross.se

Regnbågsmässan (the rainbow mass)

The Swedish church’s mass and operation geared towards LGBTQI issues located in S:t Johannes kyrka in Stockholm. See also Regnbågsmässan’s Facebook page.
Telephone: 08-508 88 650
Email: info@regnbagsmassan.nu, malin.strindberg@svenskakyrkan.se

Contact Newcomers

Telephone: +4673-509 17 27
Email: newcomers@rfsl.se


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