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LGBTQ is an umbrella term for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people.

The L, G, and B refer to sexual orientation, who a person feels romantically and/or sexually attracted to.

The T refers to gender identity and expression.

Q refers to queer in relation to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or relationships and sexual practice, but it also represents a critical view of existing norms.

Norm Criticism

Norm criticism is a tool that can be used when studying power structures within society, and questions what is considered…

Vanliga frågor och svar

RFSL får dagligen massor av frågor om oss, vår verksamhet och allt möjligt annat som rör hbtq-personer. Kanske finns svaret du söker redan här.

Marriage in Sweden

Since 2009 Sweden has a gender neutral marriage legislation, which means that same sex couples can get married under the same conditions as opposite sex couples.