The Future Process

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At the congress 2019, we made the decision to look at where RFSL and the LGBTQI movement are headed and where we want to go. This process is called the Future Process and will provide a new long-term vision and strategy for RFSL until the congress in 2021.

All members and branches are important in this work – it’s your thoughts, needs and opinions that will form the basis of the vision!

Future workshops 2020

  • 3 November 10:00-12:00 in English
  • 5 November 18-20 in Swedish
  • 11 November 11-14 in Swedish
  • 18 November 17-19 in English 
  • 5 December 12-14 in Swedish

Join us in influencing RFSL’s future

This year RFSL turns 70. RFSL has worked with a lot of issues and a lot has happened in Sweden and internationally during that time. Together, we have fought for rights and overcome challenges.

Now the journey towards future fights and a stronger LGBTQI movement with future workshops and surveys for both members and allies continues.

We want to do this with you! We invite everyone in our community to participate and actively contribute with ideas for new ways to create a sense of community and to question our own norms and take a stand.

What do YOU think we should work with in the coming 70 years?

RFSL has, for example, worked with issues such as removing the pathologization of homosexuality and trans people, the right to gender-neutral marriage, protection from discrimination, the right to seek asylum as an LGBTQI person, has addressed LGBTQI issues at a UN level, and entered into partnership with LGBTQI organisations around the world.

Part of a longer process

Questions about the Future process?

Contact Kristina Ullgren and Linnea Risinger Nathanson at och