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RFSL's Fundraising Foundation supports initiatives in Sweden and the world to strengthen LGBTQ individuals' rights. Many operations and projects wouldn't be possible without the support of the general public, organisations and companies. RFSL has a lot of experience in managing and supporting projects and are reviewed by Svensk Insamlingskontroll.

What is the fundraising foundation? 

RFSL’s fundraising foundation collects money to promote LGBTQI people’s rights in Sweden and the world. You decide how much to donate – we make sure that every contribution makes a difference.

What does the RFSL’s fundraising foundation do?

The foundation supports initiatives in Sweden and the world to promote LGBTQI people’s rights. We help finance long-term capacity building projects for the LGBTQI movement in different parts of the world, for example Africa and Asia. We also contribute to creating an “emergency fund” for such situations where the security context calls for the evacuation of LGBTQI activists or where there’s a need for covering costs for lawyers, etc. 

In Sweden, the foundation works with financing social and legal support to LGBTQI asylum seekers through RFSL’s network Newcomers and RFSL’s legal asylum counselling.  

How you know that your money ends up in the right place 

RFSL’s Fundraising Foundation has a so called 90-account. That means that the organisation is overseen by Svensk Insamlingskontroll apart from the review made by RFSL’s Fundraising Foundation’s authorized accountants. Svensk Insamlingskontroll manages all seven-digit Plusgiro-accounts that start with 90.

Only organisations approved by Svensk Insamlingskontroll have the right to a 90-account. For the donor, this is reassurance that the fundraising is handled responsibly and that the money ends up where its supposed to. The rule is that at least 75 percent of the donations should be used in the core activity. A maximum of 25 percent can be used for administration.

The foundation’s 90-accounts, where you make your donation, are: 
Bankgiro: 900-4086
Plusgiro: 900408-6

For international payments:

IBAN: SE9050000000052031065009
Bank adress: SEB, 106 40 Stockholm

Who is behind the foundation? 

RFSL’s fundraising foundation was created by RFSL’s association board of trustees and is registered since 2013. The aim is to gather funds to benefit the work of homosexuals’, bisexuals’, trans people’s and intersex people’s rights in Sweden and the world through international development partnerships, aid, opinion forming, spreading of information and education. The foundation follows the rules that apply to 90-accounts. 

The foundation’s board 

RFSL’s association board of trustees appoints the fundraising foundation for the same term of office, two years, as the association board itself has. One person on the board is also a member of the association board of trustees, while RFSL Ungdom has the opportunity to elect one person. 

Johnny Kroneld, president
Helena Westin, vice president
Maria Sjödin, member
Joachim Höggren, member
Moa Björnemalm, member (representative from RFSL’s association board of trustees) 
Lovise Haj Brade, alternate
Peter Sidlund Ponkala, alternate

Common principles and accounting 

Yearly report 2019 (2018)

Efficacy report 2019 (2018)

Statutes, Code of conduct for trustees 

Anti corruption policy


Telephone: 08-50 162 900