Trans and equality


How do you make gender equality work trans inclusive? RFSL's one-year-project "Metoder för transinkluderande jämställdhetsarbete" has resulted in the manual "Regardless of gender", where RFSL introduces working methods tailor made for the inclusion of trans people in gender equality work.

RFSL is sometimes asked how you include trans people gender equality work.

Our starting point is that gender equality and trans people’s rights shouldn’t be viewed as conflicting areas of work. Instead, we believe that a dual perspective can strengthen and deepen the work for a society where all people, regardless of gender, are offered the same rights, opportunities and living conditions.

RFSL has developed concrete models on inclusion in the manual “Oavsett kön?” (PDF opens in a new window)

The manual includes:

  • Information about trans, trans people’s living conditions, and what you as an operation can do to include trans people.
  • Working methods for the inclusion of trans people in gender equality work through management participation, goal&policy work, communication, gender-segregated work, recruitment and financing.
  • Models for working with power and needs analysis based on a multi-dimensional view of gender.
  • Working methods for mapping such as surveys, dialogue groups, gender balance, salary reviews, and distribution of resources.

The working methods were developed in cooperation with key actors in the fields, a survey which was spread in the target group, and method developing workshops with people who work with gender equality or trans issues. The methods are primarily aimed at employees within a municipality, authority or region, but may be used by others as well.

The manual is the result of the one-year-long national project “Metoder för transinkluderande jämställdhetsarbete” run by RFSL during 2019, funded by the Swedish Gender Equality Agency.

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Contact us if you want to know more about the project or want to receive competency-building training in how to include a trans perspective in your gender equality work.

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