International Programme

InternationalRFSLPhoto: Eveline Johnsson

RFSL is an internationally recognised and respected human rights organisation working with global LGBTQ rights for over 35 years.

Internationally, RFSL is recognised and respected as an experienced and accomplished organisation; a valuable position we wish to maintain and further develop over the next few years. Our international work has been built upon more than 35 years’ experience and lessons learned from our commitment to global LGBTQ rights when RFSL joined ILGA in 1979.

Some of the core values of RFSL’s international work are meaningful participation by rights holders, gender equality, non-discrimination, transparency, and sustainability.

An important basis for our international programme is the International Strategy, with its four main objectives – to promote LGBTQ rights on a global level; to strengthen LGBTQ organisations in their work; to continue to support and lobby Swedish decision makers to include LGBTQ rights in foreign policy and development cooperation; and to strengthen the capacity of RFSL in our international engagement to better deliver on our mandate in relation to our partners and donors. We believe that joint work in these four objectives is needed to continue to strengthen and better our efforts in improving the situation for LGBTQ people and contribute to sustainable change.

RFSL’s International Strategy