Successful Pride Held in Kharkiv, Ukraine

InternationalRFSLPhoto: Pavlo Pahomenko

For the third year in a row, RFSL:s partner Sphera organised Pride in the city of Kharkiv in Ukraine. The event was successful and meant increased visibility and a place of community for the city’s LGBTQI people.

“We are glad that the Pride in Kharkiv becomes more and more visible and we hope that one day from a human rights event that has its own risks it will turn into a celebration for the whole city,” said the Sphera team.

Photo: Pavlo Pahomenko.

Because of the pandemic, Sphera had to change the format of last year’s event. This year, however, the event and Pride march could be held in a format that was familiar to the people.

“We are happy that the event could be held this way this year. The city is the mirror of the society that lives in it, and the demonstration is the symbol of our presence here,” said the Sphera team.

Photo: Arina Shapran.

Sphera has been a partner organisation of RFSL since 2020 and works together with other LGBT initiatives in the city of Kharkiv to organise educational activities throughout the year. At the same time, they see that increased visibility for LGBT people in public spaces and through public events is as important as informational work. 

“The March is a great possibility for all LGBT people in the city to become visible for a couple of hours, go in the streets to fight for their rights, feel the support of allies, and see that they are not alone. We are many and our fight continues,” said the Sphera team.

Photos: Pavlo Pahomenko.