Principles for grantmaking


Are you thinking about applying for funding from RFSL? Here you can find our grantmaking principles.

A rights-based approach:

A central principle in RFSL’s international work is that the ownership lies with the activists. Those who live in a certain context are the ones who can best determine what the most pressing issues are and what activities and funding should be prioritized.

Responsibility as donor:

RFSL strives to be a responsible donor, partner and peer in a global movement. RFSL does not push its own agenda and we do not drive organizations in a specific direction. RFSL tries to be flexible regarding the priorities expressed by the partners we are working with.

Security and “do no harm” approach:

RFSL is aware that different contexts require different ways of organizing in a secure manner. The persons implementing the grants are always the ones who decide if, how and when an activity can be implemented, or if the activity needs to be cancelled.