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Rainbow Advocacy Program

Rainbow Advocacy Program (RAP) is a 13-month-long training and mentoring opportunity for LGBTIQ+ activists from Global South and East to affect change at home through UN advocacy. The program is visionary as well as unique in its approach to combining both the human rights and the development frameworks, especially the Agenda 2030. Participants…

International Programme

RFSL is an internationally recognised and respected human rights organisation working with global LGBTQ rights for over 35 years.

Rainbow Academy

Rainbow Academy is RFSL’s platform for international trainings – a space for LGBTQ activists to come together, and grow together. Rainbow Academy offers a variety of…


RFSL works to improve the lives of LGBTQ people at a global level, through sharing knowledge about LGBTQ issues in international organisations, and influencing global processes to include an LGBTQ perspective.


Since 2010, RFSL has been collaborating with Arus Pelangi, a federation of LGBTQ organisations in Indonesia.

Response: Sweden´s report to CEDAW

RFSL, RFSU and the Swedish Disability Federation has written a joint submission regarding the Swedish response to CEDAW, combined eight and ninth periodic review of Sweden.

Attack on festival in Ukraine

At least 5 people were injured after the Zaporozhye Festival of Equality in Ukraine was attacked this weekend by anti-LGBTQ groups in masks. The group claimed…

Global Trends

What are the global trends when it comes to LGBTQ rights? What are the consequences of shrinking civil society space and how is it affecting LGBTQ…

Activist Profiles

At RFSL we are in close contact with activists around the world. Interviews with some of them are featured here. First out is Jessica St Rose from St Lucia.