A film about minority stress

This is a film about minority stress produced by RFSL's project Rainbow families in waiting. It is aimed at professionals who meet LGBTQI people in their work, and LGBTQI people themselves. Using "settings" you will be able to see the film with English subtitles.

The stress that many LGBTQI people experience in their everyday life is usually called minority stress. This film describes this term in more detail.

Being part of a minority group means being at risk of becoming subject to discrimination, harassment and violence. It may also mean becoming subject to subtle violations only because you are being yourself or because you stand out by not conforming to what is expected. You might experience looks and prejudiced comments which might create psychosocial stress.

Minority stress is also connected to norms about sexuality, gender identity and gender expression, being racified as non-white and being subject to racism, or ableism based on norms about who can fully function in society.

The film is made within the framework of RFSL’s project “Rainbow families in waiting”, funded by Arvsfonden.

The film is fact-checked by, among others, Tove Lundberg.

Read more about our tips for interaction connected to minority stress.

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