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Contact details for RFSL's National Association (Förbund)

Contact info


Membership questions:

Press contact: +46 72-330 50 24, you can always contact

Questions about asylum:

Telephone: +46 8 501 62 900.

Phone hours
Mon 13-15
Wed 14-16
Fri 10-12

Postal Address
RFSL Förbundet
Box 350
101 26 Stockholm

Visiting address

All visits need to be booked with an employee at RFSL before hand, then you will receive the address.

Experiences from RFSL you want to tell about

Do you have positive or negative experiences from RFSL to tell us about? Contact the Executive Director Pär Viktorsson Harrby,, or our President Trifa Shakely, Here you can take part in our whistleblower policy.

If you want to make a whistleblower report to our external reception function at Gray Advokatbyrå, use the contact information below: Phone: 070-792 04 24 Phone hours: Monday-Friday 08.00-16.30 Email: Visiting address: Birger Jarlsgatan 12, 114 34 Stockholm.