National network

RFSL Rainbow Families is a national network for and by LGBTQI people who are or want to become parents, and their children. Meeting families that resemble one's own can be important for adults and children who are part of a rainbow family. Recognition, the opportunity to share experiences and "feel like the norm" for a while can be both strengthening and liberating, sometimes even vital.

RFSL Rainbow Families are gathering representatives from branches within RFSL who organise, or have previously organised, activities for rainbow families. Branches, individual members and potential new members who would like to to start activities for rainbow families are also welcome to join the network.

By rainbow family, we mean a family where one or more of the adults (if the family is made up of more than one adult) identifies as an LGBTQI person. Allies, i.e. people who don’t themselves identify as LGBTQI but who organise activities for rainbow families, are also welcome.

The aim of the network is to strengthen existing initiatives by uniting them for an exchange of experiences, but also to connect more actors from around the country to the network.

The network has started as a part of the project Rainbow families in waiting, run by RFSL and funded by Arvsfonden. The project is active between 2019-2021 and during the project-years, there are funds to cover two network meetings.

Do you want to be part of the network? Join the group RFSL Regnbågsfamiljer – nationellt nätverk on Facebook, or email