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Our branches

RFSL has branches in all counties and there's also a youth organisation. There are branches from Malmö in the south to Norrbotten in the north. The branches are independent and have their own boards and statutes.


As a member, you help change the world for the better for LGBTQI people. We would like to try to reward you for that. On this page, the membership benefits that you can use as a member of RFSL are collected.

Get Involved

If you want to become more actively involved, you can join one of RFSL’s branches working with LGBTQ political issues.

The Future Process

At the congress 2019, we made the decision to look at where RFSL and the LGBTQI movement are headed and where we want to go. This…

Projektet Stolt

Here’s all the information about the project Stolt that is about LGBTQ history. RFSL runs the project in cooperation with Svenska PostkodStiftelsen. Don’t miss the conference the weekend 3-4 November – the proudest weekend of the year!

Get involved

RFSL has worked for LGBT human rights since 1950. We can proudly look back on an eventful history, but also look ahead, there is much left…


Welcome to RFSL Newcomers — a group for LGBTQI people and refugees who are newly arrived in Sweden.