The midwifery network

We are building a national LGBTQI network for midwives with knowledge about and/or an interest in LGBTQI issues, regardless of field or place of work. We hope that the network will contribute to an exchange of knowledge and experiences so as to increase the LGBTQI competence among midwives and improve the preconditions for positive interactions between caregivers and LGBTQI people.

The network was started as a cooperation between ourselves and the Swedish Association of Midwives with its primary focus initially being care during pregnancy. We especially want to reach out to midwives who work in maternal healthcare, in order to build on your thoughts and ideas, which we know will be valuable to us when we develop inclusive pregnancy-related materials and tips for interpersonal interaction.

We hope that the network will grow and develop with the contributions made by the midwives who join and their areas of interest and that it will come to span across the entire field of SRHR (sexual and reproductive health and rights).

Our communication platform will initially be a closed Facebook group where you can become a member.

As a group, we will discuss different issues and contact each other based on needs or interests. If you can’t or don’t want to use Facebook, contact us with suggestions of other possible platforms. If you don’t have a Facebook account we can e-mail you the necessary information. We will be taking things step by step, adapting to what works best for everybody as we go along. E-mail us at

Do follow the project’s like page at Facebook, “RFSL Regnbågsfamiljer”, where we post information regularly.

You are warmly welcome to join the network!