TransRFSLPhoto: C. Kåberg

Transformering offers information and support with a focus on trans. The operation is aimed at trans people of all ages, their families, and professionals. 

Together, RFSL and RFSL Ungdom run the appreciated project Transformering where trans issues are at the heart of the operation. Transformering has a website and a support and info mail. The mail receives about 1000 emails a year and the website has about 2500 visitors per week.

The website

The website is aimed at you who are trans or have thoughts about your gender identity. There’s also information for family and for you who meet trans people in your profession or non-profit work. All information at the website is fact-checked and the aim is to provide current knowledge about gender-affirming care, rights, terminology, important historic milestones, relationships and much more connected to trans people’s health and situation.

Info and support mail

If you are a trans person or are unsure about your gender identity you can turn to Transformering for information and support, regardless of age. Family and professionals are also welcome. The mail is answered by experts in trans issues at RFSL Ungdom and RFSL. We receive about 1000 emails a year. Many questions concern gender-affirming care, coming out as trans, close relationships or mental health. You can turn to us for support, information, and counseling, but also to bounce ideas or simply vent. You can write in Swedish or English.

Transformering then and now was launched by RFSL Ungdom in 2010. Back then, the website and the mail were part of a bigger project financed by Arvsfonden. The operation was aimed at people under the age of 30. Since 2017, the website and the mail are jointly run by RFS and RFSL Ungdom and is now aimed at people of all ages. Transformering is currently partly financed by RFSL’s operating grant from the Public Health Agency of Sweden for suicide prevention and the promotion of mental health. Mental ill-health is the most common subject in the emails that we receive. One of Transformering’s most important tasks is to acknowledge, support and make suggestions for further support when needed.