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Stolt is a project run by RFSL in cooperation with Svenska PostkodStiftelsen that has three central parts. A website with LGBTQ history, the conference Stolt and a live anthology.

The LGBTQ movement has made huge strides since 1950 and has affected both legislation and public opinion. During these years RFSL has grown and become a motor in the modification work that has made better rights for LGBTQ people in Sweden possible and we have a long experience in gathering involvement, running change and taking responsibility for an inclusive and broad LGBTQ movement.

Today, there’s an ignorance among the general public about the LGBTQ movements historic successes and hardships; about what it’s been like to live as an LGBTQ person in Sweden prior to today. Also about how changes in the sexual politics and for LGBTQ people’s rights have been tied to other political, social and cultural events in society. LGBTQ people have traditionally been a group that’s been made invisible in culture and history and we need to gather and pay attention to our own history in order to make it part of the public sphere. RFSL’s own archive is an important part of that history, but we are looking for a comprehensive picture from all of LGBTQ-Sweden and are hoping for the submission of materials to the website from organisations, clubs, private individuals and others. Through the writing of history we will also be able to recognize campaigners as role models and inspiration for those who fight against discrimination and for equal rights today.

Through the project, LGBTQ people as well as the general public can be made aware of the LGBTQ movement’s role in history, what role culture has had as a liberating and joining force and how we can learn from history to impact the future. We want to inspire you to get involved in creating a future where all people’s equal worth and rights are respected and diversity in society is appreciated and safeguarded!

We will create a website, accessible to the public. In that way the visitor will be able to partake in the development based both on geographic and temporal variables. On the site there will also be a base for role playing and lives tied to a number of the historic events. The visitor will get to dance on the night RFSL was founded or take part of the buzz when the signs were prepared before the occupation of the National Board of Health and Welfare! The material will be published in keeping with the current legislation and those who themselves created the history are an important part of the collection.

For this historic collection we are looking for materials from clubs, organisations, private individuals and others.


The conference Stolt

As an important part of this project we have Konferensen Stolt November 3-4 that is aimed at a broad target group. The conference is aimed at teachers, people who work with history, politicians, LGBTQ activists, organisations, writers or others who can contribute to or benefit from the conference.

Everybody that in some way is involved in the LGBTQ movement is welcome to participate and contribute, but an organizational as well as geographic breadth will be strived for.

The aim of the conference is to strengthen the movement by acknowledging the movement’s history. In that way the LGBTQ movement is strengthened and can achieve even bigger changes in the future.

As a participant you will get to motivate why you should get a place at the conference and we appreciate that you use the knowledge from the conference in an outward looking initiative.

The conference will have exhibitions, workshops, lectures that are about looking back on history, storytelling and activities that strengthen the LGBTQ movement. Parts of the conference will be documented and communicated digitally.

We will also try parts from our live anthology that’s being produced during the year and thereby gives you an opportunity to re-live important historic struggles and events.

You can participate in many ways. As a participant you will be able to get a nice experience and lots of good tools and contacts for your own operation. We also encourage application from you who want to exhibit or be a part of the program; contact us at

Cost for participant: The conference fee is paid by the project. In the conference fee is included food, lodging and participation in the conference. The participants pay for their own travel. (NOTE – If you cannot pay for the trip you can apply for a travel reimbursement that should be approved before the conference starts). Invitation to the conference (PDF, opens in a new window).

If you are a trustee, branch representative or employed at the National Office you sign up here.

Cost for exhibitors: Contact us for more information!

For info around the project or the conference, please contact Kajsa Robin at