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LGBTQ and work – how do you create an inclusive working environment?

Welcome to a half-day corse in "An inclusive working environment" Limited number of participants, first come first served! Everybody who works are affected by their working environment. As an employer, you have certain obligations when it comes to the working environment, but also different opportunities. As an employee you have the right to feel safe and included at work, but you also have obligations. You are a part of your co-worker's working environment, and there's a lot we all can do in order to contribute to a working environment where everybody has the same possibilities and can participate on equal terms. In this course we focus on the working environment from an LBGTQ perspective. We give concrete tips and ideas for a more inclusive working environment and you will gain…


This web-course gives you a first insight into LGBTQ-issues. The course covers terms, working-environment issues, response, and how norms affect us.

LGBTQI certification

All operations have something to gain by being more inclusive, regardless of if you work in the public or private sector. To carry out an LGBTQ certification is a structured and purposeful way of improving the working environment as well as reception.

LGBTQI for managers

Are you a manager or supervisor and want to learn more about leadership from an LGBTQI perspective? RFSL offers courses that focus on the role of the manager in the work on LGBTQI and equal treatment.   

Consultancy services

Do you have needs and requests other than certification, web-courses and courses? We are happy to help you meet your needs.

Q&A about the LGBTQI certification

What is an LGBTQI certification?  The LGBTQI certification is a process where an organisation, with the support from RFSL, starts or reinforces a strategic work to…