Sheltered living for LGBTQI people


RFSL’s Support Service offers sheltered living at a secret address in Stockholm. Our target group is LGBTQI people who have been subject to threat or violence with need for protection. Placement is made through social services and can accommodate 1-2 people.

Areas of expertise

  • Knowledge about violence in LGBTQI people’s close relationships.
  • Knowledge about honor-related violence and oppression.
  • Knowledge about sexual violence aimed at LGBTQI people.
  • Knowledge about hate-crimes.
  • Knowledge about LGBTQI people’s preconditions.
  • Knowledge about substance abuse and addiction.

Support can be given in Swedish, English, Spanish and Arabic or with the aid of an interpreter. The support service is protection graded 1 according to the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare’s criteria.

More information and contact:

Telephone: 020- 341316