The Asylum Podcast

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Every year, thousands of LGBTQI people are forced to flee from the country where they live. In the Asylum podcast we meet people who have come to Sweden in the hope of finding a new home, a safe place, and peace.

Hosts are LGBTQI activists Samuel Girma and Lucy Amusugut, who both have personal experience of seeking asylum. Welcome to join us on this journey!

Tis version of the Asylum podcast is in English. Episode 5-7 are also available in Swedish.

Episode 1: The Home You Left

In the first episode we talk to people about their lives before they became asylum seekers. What was their everyday life like? What dreams did they have? What was it like being an LGBTQI person where they used to live? How did they realize they had to flee?


Episode 2 – The Journey

In the second episode, we talk about how you make the decision to leave the country you live in.


Episode 3 – Coming to Sweden

In the third episode, we talk about those crucial first impressions of Sweden and Swedish authorities. We guide you through some dos and don´ts when applying for asylum, like how important it is to tell the Migration Agency that you are LGBTQI. We also talk about feeling unsafe at the housing provided by the Migration Agency, and get an insight into Abel’s asylum journey.  


Episode 4 – Meeting with the Authorities

In the fourth episode, we talk about the application process at the Migration Agency and the importance of having a public counsel. What are the questions that you will have to answer, and is there a right way to answer them?


Episode 5 – Getting to know a new country

This episode is about getting to know a new country. What is it like to have to start over in Sweden? Integrating into society can be challenging; it means making new contacts and friends, trying to find work or starting to study, maybe to start dating, figuring out the culture and customs of Swedish society, getting to know the Swedish LGBTQI community, and finding safe places to meet others with a similar background.


Episode 6 – The waiting

In this episode, we focus on the waiting; waiting for a decision that will determine your future. Will you be able to live as who you are in Sweden, or will you risk persecution at the hands of your family, society or the authorities in your country of origin? Anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder are common psychological problems in asylum seekers. By staying active and allowing for time for recreation, you can prevent mental ill-health during the asylum process.


Episode 7 – The Decision

In this last episode, we talk about what course your journey will take depending on the Migration Agency’s decision. We will hear from people who have completed the asylum process and discuss what it means when your application is either denied or granted. What complications are there? What alternatives do you have if your application is refused? Lucy shares her optimistic views of the future, excited for her new journey to finally start. We also talk to Abel who is waiting for his decision and ask what his dreams are.