How RFSL Works With Health and HIV Prevention

RFSL has worked with issues regarding HIV and sexuality since the HIV epidemic started in Sweden in 1982. RFSL works with a sexual positive HIV prevention that targets the groups that are most affected by HIV and sexually transmitted infections, which is men who have sex with men, trans people and newly arrived LGBTQ people. RFSL's general health work is aimed at the whole LGBTQ group.

RFSL’s work has contributed to there being a better knowledge about HIV and sexually transmitted infections in our target groups than in the population in general. RFSL has improved the political landscape by consistently working with issues regarding LGBTQ people’s health and vulnerability, and has succeeded in making LGBTQ people’s living conditions a prioritized issue with the authorities. RFSL highlights that different target groups have different preconditions and needs.

RFSL works with health at an individual and societal level. We work with HIV testing, sexual education and arrange workshops that target issues such as disabilities, alcohol and drugs. At the same time we work politically, make information campaigns and arrange courses for healthcare staff and others who work within healthcare.

The work is done all over the country; by supporting RFSL’s branches in their HIV preventative work, and by doing campaigns, holding lectures and debates.

Contact us:

Mikael Jonsson
Enhetschef, hälsa och hivprevention
+46 73 660 32 62

Jonas Jonsson
Programansvarig, hivprevention
+46 76 039 84 22

Jon Gjønnes
Programmedarbetare, hivprevention
+46 76 160 64 18

Edward Summanen
Sakkunnig, transfrågor
+46 76 339 06 93