Vision, mission and basic principles

Adopted at RFSL's congress, October 2021.

RFSL’s Vision

An equal world where all LGBTQI people’s human rights are respected and nobody is left out.

RFSL’s Mission

– We house a democratic member movement and act as a platform for organising. Our organisation builds on non-profit commitment, which should be simple, sustainable and based on the individual’s own preconditions. 

– We work intersectionally and norm critically to change power structures and notions that lead to discrimination.

– We work locally, nationally and globally to achieve equality for all LGBTQI people through political advocacy, preventative health work, education and cooperation with allied organisations.  

– We work together on all levels and work closely with our closest cooperation partner, our youth organisation RFSL Ungdom.

– We support our community, LGBTQI organising, in rural areas and cities.  We create safe spaces, strengthen others in acting and help make more voices heard.  We offer support to vulnerable LGBTQI people.  

– We are Sweden’s most important source of knowledge about the living conditions of LGBTQI people and work to spread our expertise to other actors.

– We always support our target groups and fight for equality, democracy and a space in civil society, regardless of which way the wind is blowing..

Basic principles

– RFSL believes in every individual’s right to self-identification regarding their sexuality and gender identity, the right to their bodies and complete participation in society.

– RFSL is a democratic organisation which builds on principles about members’ commitment, individual ownership and meaningful involvement.  

– RFSL is a norm critical organisation.

– RFSL is a feminist organisation.

– RFSL is an anti-racism organisation.

– RFSL works to include everybody, regardless of age or disability.

– RFSL is religiously and politically independent.