RFSL Support Service


RFSL has run a support service since 1998. Our target group is LGBTQI people who have been subject to harassment, threat, and violence. Sometimes the acts are criminal, but not always. Friends and family of LGBTQI people who are subject to violence and professionals who meet LGBTQI people in their work are also welcome to contact us.


From 2 of July until 24 of July  RFSL Support Service is closed due to vacation.

Telephone: 020 – 34 13 16 (free of charge)

Leave a message or call us on Thursdays at 9-12 am.

Email: stod@rfsl.se

Individual support 

We provide face-to-face counseling or support via phone or email. The support and counseling we provide is free of charge. All our staff is employed, trained and experienced in issues regarding LGBTQI people and violence. They are all subject to professional secrecy and you can remain anonymous. 

RFSL offers:

  • occasional crisis counseling sessions or a series of sessions to process emotional reactions, 
  • information about your rights, 
  • follow-along support and support in the contact with healthcare and authorities, 
  • support when reporting a crime to the police and during a trial, 
  • contact with complainant’s counsel, 
  • sheltered living at a secret address in Stockholm with two places, 
  • counseling in Swedish, English and Spanish or with an interpreter. 

Since its start in 1998, RFSL Support Service has worked with many LGBTQI people subject to violence and crimes. With about 200 support-seekers per year, we are the most experienced actor in the field in Sweden.  

Many have received support through our service, but we also work with opinion-forming and highlighting LGBTQI people’s exposedness to hate crimes, sexual and honor-related violence, and violence in close relationships. 

RFSL Support Service has developed into a center of knowledge in issues about LGBTQI and violence. We often receive requests about training and about participating in reference groups for governmental investigations and networks. 

Counseling and training for professionals 

RFSL Support Service has a unique experience in working with LGBTQI people subject to violence. We offer consultations for shchool counselors, professionals at youth clinics, the police, women’s and victim’s support services and employees in the social services. We offer lectures and training to organisations that want to increase their competency in receiving LGBTQI people who are subject to violence.