Introduction of RFSL’s new board


During the last day of the congress, it was time for the representatives to decide what RFSL’s board should look like. It has now been decided who will lead RFSL during the coming term of office.

Yesterday, Trifa Shakely was elected the new President of RFSL. Read more about Trifa Shakely here.

Vice president Peter Sidlund Ponkala

The congress has now elected Peter Sidlund Ponkala as vice president.

Peter has a long-standing commitment to the organisation, previously at RFSL Stockholm and now at the national office. Peter was on RFSL’s association board of trustees during the previous term of office as teller, and thereafter as vice president.

Now he looks forward to shouldering the responsibility of being vice president and creating a more strategic direction for RFSL in the future.

– RFSL is an incredibly important organisation with a splendid operation. We are facing challenges. I want to contribute to taking us as an organisation into the future and creating an accessible RFSL, said Peter Sidlund Ponkala in his presentation before the election. 

In their motivation, the nominating committee emphasised that Peter Sidlund Ponkala, through his knowledge about business and process development, can contribute to the board’s work during a period of change. The nominating committee believes that his commitment to an active member movement and clear communication will contribute to anchoring RFSL in the community.

Peter Sidlund Ponkala is 40 years old, lives in Stockholm, and works at Stockholm stads stadsledningskontor.

The following people were also elected as members of RFSL’s association board of trustees:


Michał Budryk, new election (Uppsala)


Pell-Uno Larsson, re-election (Örebro)  
Fredrik Engström, new election (Göteborg)  
Viktoria Nyström, new election (Stockholm)
Kalle Röcklinger, new election (Stockholm/Gotland)
Lea Larsson, new election (Stockholm)
Robin Nordh, re-election but new election to the post (Göteborg)
Pär Brubäcken, re-election (Skellefteå)


Linda Westerlund Snecker, new election (Norrköping) 

The composition of the board

The association board of trustees will consist of president, vice president, teller, seven other members, one alternate, one member from RFSL Ungdom, and an alternate from RFSL Ungdom. There are eleven members and two alternates on the board. The congress established that the number of other members should be seven, and the number of alternates one.