RFSL’s congress elected a new chairman

RFSLPhoto: Josefine Mattsson

During the weekend 27-29 of October RFSL held its congress. 60 representatives from a large part of RFSL’s branches were gathered in Stockholm at ABF-Huset to elect a new association board to take a stand on a new policy platform for RFSL.

– I want to build a strong movement for the future. Together we shall work to ensure that all LGBTQI people’s human rights are respected as much as other’s, says Peter Sidlund Ponkala, who was elected RFSL’s new chairman.

Peter is 43 years old and from Stockholm. He has previously been deputy chairman and since April this year acting chairman. Petra Douhane, 41 years old and from Lund was elected deputy chairman.

See everyone elected to the board here.

What words that describe RFSL’s policy best was discussed during the congress. The congress concluded that RFSL’s key words in the new policy platform should be Equality, Sustainability and Solidarity. In the new policy platform under equality it says: “An unequal society with firm norms and ideas about how people can be limits people’s freedom, which makes us all lose. Therefore, the level of understanding of LGBTQI issues must be raised in all parts of society. Visibility, participation and equality are the pillars of a democratic society…” The policy platform is going to be complemented by thematic programs in different areas that will be established by the RFSL board.

Congress also decided, based on a proposal from RFSL Malmö, to include asexuals and aromantics among the target groups that RFSL works for. The board is also going to appoint a working group which should investigate how RFSL’s target groups can be worded. When it comes to asylum and migration, congress decided that a fund for emergency financial support for stateless people is going to be investigated and a decision will be made next congress 2025, and that RFSL’s spring conference 2024 is going to be dedicated to migration issues.