RFSL at Stockholm Pride


On 2–8 August we celebrate Stockholm Pride and RFSL is present as usual. During the week, we highlight LGBTQI politics at the same time as we focus on promoting a sense of community under the rainbow flag.

During the week, we shine the spotlight on several pressing topics, for example in exciting talks at the Pride House. This year, we focus particularly on promoting a new gender recognition act, highlighting the situation for asylum-seeking LGBTQI people in Sweden, raising arguments for changes in family law, and addressing the threat and hatred directed at the LGBTQI movement in Sweden.

RFSL’s full program for Stockholm Pride

Highlights during the week

Thursday, 5 August

At 13.30 Movie premier: Hate – the threat against sustainable societies

It is the premier of RFSL’s new documentary. The movie depicts how Swedish LGBTQI activists and organisations are subjected to threats and violence from right-wing extremists and how that affects us as a movement and as individuals.

At 13.30  A conversation between LGBTQI refugees and RFSL’s asylum rights lawyer

What happens to asylum-seeking LGBTQI people in Sweden? What experiences make you flee your country? A conversation between members of RFSL Newcomers and RFSL’s asylum lawyer Aino Gröndahl.

At 13.30 PrEP – experiences

RFSL presents a new report about experiences of PrEP among men who have sex with men, trans people who have sex with men, and people who have sex for compensation. PrEP is a preventative treatment against HIV.

Friday, 6 August 

At 13.00 Changes in family law

LGBTQI parents are still discriminated against in Swedish legislation, but a lot is happening all the time. RFSL goes through new changes, coming changes, and additional legislative changes that are needed to secure equal treatment of all parents.

At 16.30 Dirty bingo

After a one-year break, RFSL is back with its legendary dirty bingo. During the game we tell you all you want to know (and maybe more) about different “dirty” topics. There will of course be prizes – this year perhaps better than ever?

Saturday, 7 August 

At 12.00 Where’s the law? #TranslagNU Arr: RFSL Ungdom

Welcome to the umpteenth seminar about a new gender recognition act. We need a new trans law now (#TranslagNU). We need a law that separates the change of legal gender and gender-affirming care. We need a law that makes it possible for underage trans people to change legal gender. The seminar is about that the law isn’t yet in place and what we can do to promote this important issue.

Press contact

RFSL can comment on a wide variety of topics and current issues connected to Pride and LGBTQI people’s rights in Sweden. Contact us for an interview: press@rfsl.se.