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Since 2008 RFSL has certified more than 300 organisations all over Sweden. By educating norm criticism and focusing on LGBTQ people's situation, we want to create a more inclusive working life.

– It has become clear that diversity within organisations strongly contribute to the positive economic growth and development at the same time as the risk of ill-health increases considerably in environments where prejudice and harassment are present. To actively advocate openness, inclusion and understanding is therefore important for all organisations that want to grow into the future. RFSL’s LGBTQ certifications are an important part of that process, says Gustaf Hedman, educational director at RFSL.

The road to certification goes through educating the staff. They get an increased knowledge about LGBTQ, society’s norms and what consequences these have on the health and living conditions for LGBTQ people. At the same time the organisation starts a work on implementing changes for a more open working environment, where everybody should feel included and welcomed. LGBTQ certification is for both private and public organisations. All the profits from the trainings go back into RFSL’s work.

LGBTQ certification: how it works

The LGBTQ certification is divided into several training sessions, workshops and group meetings. RFSL trains staff, looks at norms and risks in the organisation and produces an action plan for continued work with inclusion and norm criticism at the workplace. The certification is valid for three years.

Download the full report below.

RFSL Yearly Report 2016 (pdf, 3,1 mb, will open in a new window)