Everyday abuse and harassment


Every year about 200 people get advice and support from RFSL's Crime victim support, where you can turn to if you've been subjected to any form of violence as an LGBTQ person.

Since 1998 the Crime victim support has been an important part of RFSL’s work and is the hotline in Sweden with the most experience in the LGBTQ field. Except for supporting crime victims, the unit also works as an opinion maker with the goal to highlight LGBTQ people’s exposure to domestic abuse, hate crime, sexual abuse and honour related violence.

– We see a trend in Sweden, Europe and the world where the acceptance for hate crimes against our target groups is increasing. Because of that we need to be better at describing what a hate crime is – that it’s not just being assaulted on the street, but that it’s those everyday things like derogatory comments, sexist remarks and harassment, says Carina Wrangebo, RFSL’s crime victim support.

RFSL’s Crime victim support offers:

  • Occasional or several processing counselling sessions
  • Information about LGBTQ people’s rights
  • Support in the contact with healthcare and authorities
  • Support when reporting to the police and during the legal process
  • Contact with legal counsel
  • Sheltered living at a secret address in the Stockholm area

Download the full report below.

RFSL Yearly Report 2016 (pdf, 3,1 mb, will open in a new window)