RFSL’s international work


RFSL's international unit works with addressing LGBTQ people's rights all over the world. Together with the partner organisations we work with influencing big international organisations to guard LGBTQ people's rights in all instances.

The biggest effort during 2016 has been to work for that the UN Human Rights Council appoints an independent expert on violations and discrimination connected to LGBTQ. In this work RFSL has mobilized and coordinated LGBTQ movements from all over the world, lobbied against states and influenced individual officials. A strong opposition worked against us all the way, but finally the decision was confirmed in UN’s general assembly.

– There has been a very creative resistance to undermine this important position, that the movement has one person within the UN that handles these violations and communicates with states. It’s a very concrete result of our work that we finally made this happen, says Kajsa Bornedal, international director of RFSL. She points out that globally there are forces that want to restrict civil society’s space and freedoms. Forces that work hard to push back the many progresses the global LGBTQ movement have achieved in recent years.

– A lot of our advocacy work is that things shouldn’t get worse for LGBTQ people. To be a watchdog. We defend that our target group aren’t erased from UN’s documents, that they are in different resolutions, says Kajsa Bornedal.

Download the full report below.

RFSL Yearly Report 2016 (pdf, 3,1 mb, will open in a new window)