RFSL Support Service

RFSL Support ServiceRFSL

Since 1998, RFSL has offered support to LGBTQ people who have experienced hate crime, domestic abuse, honor-based violence or sexual violence. We also offer advice and support to family and friends of LGBTQ people who have experienced violence, and to professionals working with vulnerable LGBTQ people.


Phone number: 020-34 13 16 (free)

E-mail: stod@rfsl.se

We are here for you

Everybody should feel safe in seeking professional support, no matter what sexual orientation or gender identity and expression. RFSL Support Service is a national service that specialises in assisting people from the LGBTQ community that have experienced harassment or abuse in different such as threats, violence and other. This includes hate crime, domestic abuse, honour-based violence or violence based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Our definition of violence includes physical, sexual and financial violence as well as coercive control. We have been operating since 1998 and we are the most experienced LGBTQ support service in Sweden.


RFSL Support Service offers support to LGBTQ-people and their relatives (friends and family) who have experienced hate crime, domestic abuse, honour-based violence or sexual violence.

We offer

  • Emotional support
  • Free one-to-one counselling
  • Advice and safety planning
  • Support and assistance vis-avis police handling
  • Help reporting incidents
  • Housing advice and providing our own shelter
  • Help getting health care
  • Support through criminal court handling
  • Translation service to Swedish available, if necessary

We hold professional confidentiality

You can be anonymous when you seek support. We are free of charge. The employees at RFSL Support Service have an extensive background of working with emotional support and counselling.

Consulting and Training for Professionals

RFSL Support Service has unique experience in meeting LGBTQ people that have been exposed to violence/assault.

Information and expertise from RFSL is regularly requested from authorities, support organisations and individual professionals. We also offer advice to people working professionally within youth clinics, social services, police, school counselors and victim support services.

For authorities and organisations that want to enhance their knowledge about LGBTQ people who have experienced violence, we offer lectures and informative and educational workshops.


Phone number: 020-34 13 16 (free)

E-mail: stod@rfsl.se