Knowledge support to raise LGBTQI competency

RFSL Support ServiceRFSL

RFSL offers training for all operations that want to increase their knowledge about LGBTQI issues and improve their reception of LGBTQI people.

RFSL offers training to all organisations/actors that want to increase their knowledge about, and improve their reception of, LGBTQI people.

RFSL trains support services, social services, women’s support services, healthcare operations and others who offer support to people who are subject to violence in close relationships.

The training is based on a norm-critical perspective and targets the needs of each organisation, focusing on LGBTQI terminology and norms, violence in LGBTQI people’s close relationships, hate crimes and reception.

RFSL Support Service has been cooperating with Unizon and Brottsofferjouren Sverige for many years. We also offer joint training for support services. For more information email us.

Unizon works for an equal society free from violence and organises over 130 women’s, girls’ and youth support services. Unizon has support services all over the country. Find your nearest support service at Unizon’s website.

Brottsofferjouren Sverige operates in over 40 locations in Sweden and offers counseling, legal information and support in legal processes. Find your nearest support service at Brottsofferjouren Sverige’s website.

RFSL Support Service supports LGBTQI people subject to harassment, threats and violence.