Sheltered living for LGBTQI people


RFSL Stödmottagning driver ett skyddat boende i Stockholmsområdet. Målgruppen är hbtq-personer utsatta för hot eller våld med skyddsbehov. Placering sker genom socialtjänsten. Boendet har 1-2 platser.

Areas of expertise

  • Knowledge about violence in LGBTQI people’s close relationships.
  • Knowledge about honor-related violence and oppression.
  • Knowledge about sexual violence aimed at LGBTQI people.
  • Knowledge about hate-crimes.
  • Knowledge about LGBTQI people’s preconditions.
  • Knowledge about substance abuse and addiction.

Support can be given in Swedish, English and Spanish or with the aid of an interpreter. The support service is protection graded 1 according to the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare’s criteria.

More information and contact:

Telephone: 020- 341316