A Lack of Confidence in Society’s Support 

A yearly survey reveals a low confidence in society's support in cases of violence, threat and harassment. LGBTQ people are therefore less likely to seek help than others.

Today RFSL published the results of recurring surveys of LGBTQ people’s confidence in different authorities (PDF, Swedish, opens in new window) regarding reception and where to turn in cases of different types of violence, threat and harassment.

RFSL has carried out six national surveys between 2008-2015 and the results show a low confidence in the police, prosecutors and the social services. This affects the will to seek help and leads to fewer crimes being reported and that victims of crimes don’t get the support they are entitled to. It is paramount that the confidence increases in order for more people to get the right support.

It’s more common to be subject to violence as a homo- or bisexual person than it is for others in society. In the group trans people one fifth has at some time in their lives been subject to violence because of their trans experience.

– It’s a democracy issue and risks leading to health problems. An unprofessional reception of groups that to a greater extent are subject to crime risks leading to a limiting of the living space, says Frida Sandegård, president of RFSL.

Many state that they would turn to RFSL’s crime victim support if they were subject to violence, threat or harassment that could be connected to their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.


– There are benefits with a crime victim support geared towards LGBTQ people. Many stress the importance of a crime victim support having good knowledge about violence, threat and harassment and a good knowledge of LGBTQ, says Frida Sandegård, president of RFSL.

RFSL makes a number of suggestions in the report, among others an increased protection, support and treatment for LGBTQ people who are subject to violence; an increased cooperation between authorities with an LGBTQ perspective and that Sweden must follow the Brottsofferdirektivet completely.