Parenting groups for LGBTQI people

Rainbow families in waitingRFSLPhoto: Illustration by Bitte Andersson

As part of the project Rainbow families in waiting, RFSL offers parental groups led by midwives for expecting LGBTQI people.

The aim of our parenting groups is to enable LGBTQI people to meet, share experiences and discuss issues, thoughts and feelings about expecting a child.

The groups are a complement to other parenting preparation offered by prenatal care. We start new groups when we have enough participants.


The groups will meet on Wednesdays at 18.00 -19.45.

We intend to start three groups during the fall of 2020, starting in August, October and November. (Starting dates may be subject to revision)

Each group will meet three times before the child is born, and one last time when all participants’ children have been born. The intention is that all members of the group attend all four sessions.


Because of Covid-19, all parenting sessions will be digital, carried out via video chat.

Depending on the development of the Coronavirus, we will look over the possibility of starting up physical groups in Umeå, Göteborg and Örebro again.

Sign up

Registration for our online groups autumn 2020 is now open!

About the sessions

During our sessions, we will, among other things, talk about how we are affected by society’s preconceptions about family and how to cope with society’s norms about having a child. Other issues we might discuss is how you feel about becoming a parent, and what your journey to parenthood has looked like.

All experiences, questions and thoughts about becoming a parent and the expected child are welcome, and it will be possible to adapt the contents of the sessions based on the needs of the participants. The framework of the sessions has been developed in cooperation with the prenatal care unit Mama Mia Söder which is experienced in providing parental groups for LGBTQI people.

We welcome both people who are expecting their first child and those who already are parents but are expecting again.

Group aims

  • to provide a sense of community, the possibility to remain in touch
  • to provide a non-normative context
  • to enable the exchange of experiences
  • to strengthen and support
  • to provide LGBTQI competent and norm-conscious information

Examples of topics discussed

  • the road/journey to parenthood
  • starting a family “beyond the hetero norm”, thoughts, feelings, expectations, worries
  • minority stress
  • strategies for increased safety
  • LGBTQI specific issues
  • breastfeeding/feeding

You will have the opportunity to requests topics, as well as to ask questions based on your individual needs.

Most groups are held in Swedish, but our aim is to be able to offer online groups in English if there’s a demand.

Spreading information

You are welcome to download and print our poster and spread information about the parental groups if you want to!