Your experience of breastfeeding <3 RFSL

RFSL's project Rainbow families in waiting wants to get in touch with you to gather experiences about norm breaking breastfeeding in Sweden. There are different and strong, norms about breastfeeding and some of them are especially limiting to LGBTQI people.

Illustration: Bitte Andersson för RFSL

We are looking for people who…

  • have breastfed (or have wanted to breastfeed) a child you haven’t carried or given birth to,
  • have co nursed with the parent who gave birth to the child,
  • are a trans person or have trans experience and have breastfed (or have wanted to breastfeed), and/or
  • are an LGBTQI person who wants to share your experience of breastfeeding with us.

Drop us a few lines or talk to us

We would love to hear your story, orally or in writing. We also want to know what support you received (or didn’t receive) from healthcare. It doesn’t matter to us how the breastfeeding worked or felt, if it was easy or hard or if it was something you did or merely thought about. We want to know what it was like for you. Write us a few lines! If you would rather talk, we can call talk on the phone or use Zoom – a simple video interaction tool where we can see and talk to each other. Write to us at to set up an appointment to talk.

Increasing knowledge

We want to compile these experiences to help other LGBTQI people who want to breastfeed. We believe that it will increase the knowledge about what works well and what to think about. That will also increase the possibilities for maternity healthcare to offer support to LGBTQI people who want to breastfeed.

You yourself choose how much you want to divulge and can cancel or take back your story if you don’t feel good afterwards. You can write anonymously, and when we compile the experiences we make sure no one knows that they are yours.

We will be collecting experiences for the duration of 2020.

Warmly welcome to contact a midwife at RFSL!