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Welcome to listen to Q-Studion – a podcast that views culture, society, history and everyday life from a queer perspective. Through Q-Studion, RFSL wants to offer perspectives that are missing in today's media clutter.

New season out now!

Season 2 of Q-Studion deals with questions, problems, and perspectives brought forth by LGBTQI people themselves. The themes we cover touch upon issues such as the two-gender norm, drag culture, being a senior LGBTQI person, and how to handle the on-going normalisation of fascism and racism in Sweden and the world today. The season also includes news coverage ranging from Rio de Janeiro to Göteborg. The hosts are journalist Mireya Echeverría Quezada and activist Samuel Girma

Episodes of season 2 of Q-Studion, 2020, will be released every Wednesday for eight weeks starting May 6. Two episodes will also be released in English. Listen to Q-Studion at libsyn, in your podcast app, or via rfsl.se.

Did you miss season 1?

The Q-Studion’s first season from 2019 consists of ten episodes discussing anything from faith and religion, humor, finances, flirting, coming out-processes to suicide, colonialism, and language. Hosted and produced by Mireya Echeverria Quezada. 

You can also use the Q-Studion’s first season as a study circle with texts and queer life hacks by writer Judith Kiros.

The first season of Q-Studion was produced within the project “Hbtqi-personers erfarenheter av rasism”. Q-Studion’s second season is produced within the project “Projekt Q – Överlevnadsstrategier och verktyg för att hantera rasism i vardagen”. Both projects are funded by MUCF – The Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society. RFSL alone is responsible for its contents.


Kristina Ullgren, Projektledare