The Pride Year 2016 Has Come!

PrideRFSLPhoto: Johnny Pettersson

RFSL's project En blommande Priderörelse works to strengthen and develop different types of Pride-festivals has now been running for two years with the support of PostkodLotteriets Kulturstiftelse.

RFSL is very proud of the project En Blommande Priderörelse. A project that strengthens, develops and enables LGBTQ-activism and gathers the great commitment to LGBTQ-individual’s rights among organizers and visitors.

Support to all Pride-organizers

This years great novelty is the creation of a platform that will strengthen and facilitate the communication between different Pride-organizers. Together with the new Pride-manual and Pride-package, there will be a fundamental support for new and experienced Pride-organizers.

The opportunity to have RFSL hold lectures, strengthen knowledge and hold speeches free of charge remains the same. It is important for RFSL not to have an urban perspective in the support and cooperation that is offered, and to include all Pride-organizers.

Specific support

Because of an increased support from PostkodLotteriets Kulturstiftelse, eight Pride-organizers will receive support to develop their work and festival-programs in 2016. All of the chosen festivals are of clear regional or national importance. These festivals are: Falu Pride, Jönköping QomUt, Luleå Pride, Malmö Pride, Stockholm Pride, Sundsvall Pride, Växjö Pride and Westpride.

Asylum activism

The big Pride-conference

On the weekend of October 28-30 there will be a follow-up to the successful Pride-conference of 2015. The goal is to have more representation from the different festivals. Presentations, knowledge-strengthening, exchange of experiences and networking will be in focus. As a complement to the conference there will be an open meeting for different Pride-organizers in conjunction with Stockholm Pride.


Each Pride festival presents a golden opportunity to make the public’s involvement in LGBTQ-issues into a donation. A clear concept of fundraising and Pride festivals is in the making.

Who is the target group?

The main target group is Sweden’s Pride-organizers in general. There are over 50 different Pride festivals across Sweden, and the number keeps on growing. The festivals are diverse, unique and have different prerequisites, needs and challenges. Another target group is festival-goers in general, newly arrived LGBTQ-individuals and the general public in the communities where festivals are held or who are reached by communication about the festivals.


What has RFSL done?

RFSL has enabled, supported and developed different types of Pride-celebrations at a local, national and international level for a long time. In Sweden, RFSL has been an integral part of Pride; as a lecturer, speaker or organizer. Since the spring of 2015, RFSL manages the project En blommande Priderörelse with the support of PostkodLotteriets Kulturstiftelse.

The project has carried out a number of meetings focusing on competence-building and an exchange of experiences for Pride-organizers, for example at the Den Stora Pridekonferensen in Västerås in October 2015. RFSL has also held a number of lectures and other events at different Pride festivals.

The network local Pride-organizers

Representatives from Falu Pride and other organizers formed the network Lokala Pridearrangörer in the autumn of 2014 . A great initiative that since then has grown to encompass nearly all Pride-festivals in Sweden. It is an independent network that RFSL supports and cooperates with through the project En Blommande Priderörelse.

With hopes of a fantastic Pride year! 



Linnea Risinger
Telephone: + 46 73 890 7610

The network Lokala Priearrangörrer is on Facebook, contact Linnéa if you want to gain access.