In 2010, RFSL began a collaboration, the PAL Project, with a number of LGBTQ organisations in Uganda.

The PAL Project, which stands for Project planning, Advocacy and Leadership, also refers to the word “pal”, a synonym for “friend”. The organisations participating in this project are Freedom and Roam Uganda (FARUG), Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), Icebreakers Uganda, Spectrum Initiatives Uganda, Queer Youth Uganda, and St. Paul Recreation Centre.

The PAL Project aims to strengthen the Ugandan LGBTQ movement in its work for LGBTQ civil rights. Members from the different organisations participate in training courses on advocacy, fundraising, and project planning, among others.

The project is organised to strengthen the LGBTQ movement and increase engagement and cooperation between different organisations. The six different organisations involved in this collaboration are responsible for one smaller project, and together they collectively form the PAL Project.

In the small projects, activists from different organisations cooperate in new ways that have not previously happened within the LGBTQ movement in Uganda with many of the activists expressing a new sense of solidarity, which they felt was lacking. The small projects are focused on social activities and empowerment, health issues, political advocacy, economic empowerment, documentation of LGBTQ people’s stories in Uganda, and leadership development. Through their small projects, the participants also learn result-based project planning and reporting.

The project is financed by Sida through Forum Syd.